"Talk about professional and talented! We consider Lee to be a critical part of our creative team. He has been the voice for many of our clients for over 10 years. His range is unmatched. He is always extremely flexible, professional, and a joy to work with. We hope to have many more successful campaigns and sessions together."

Staci Wood—President, CEO
The Well Advertising, Inc.
"Lee Crooks' voiceover on my homepage promotional video has been a grand slam! Lee is dynamic, efficient and totally adaptable in the creative process. He gets it! His work has been a major reason for my recent success. My investment in you has produced big returns. Thanks Lee for being the consummate professional."

Jim Fannin—The World's #1 Coach of Champions
Jim Fannin Brands
“I’ve hired Lee for a variety of voiceover projects and Lee’s voice always delivers in a professional style that I can apply to any of those projects! His vocal versatility is what makes him outstanding.”

Dave Kuenstle—Director, Audio and Video Programming
Nightingale-Conant Corporation
"I have worked with Lee Crooks for the last 3 years doing voice prompts for one of my client's large phone systems. Lee has been very consistent with his reads which has been very important in matching prompts done earlier. This system requires numerous changes throughout the year and Lee always makes time to get them done for deadline. Lee is wonderful to work with and very professional. Even at the exorbitant rates he charges."

Dan Geocaris, Audio Engineer
Concept Productions
“Like many other engineer-producers, I have a personal list of sterling qualities I value most in excellent voice talent. After more than 13 years of working with Lee Crooks — on every type of subject matter — I can still say Lee brings every quality on that list to every session.”

Milt Smith
the SoundSmith
"Lee is extremely efficient and always professional and courteous. I've worked with him over the past 8 years on lengthy sales and technical training content. He delivers consistent, high quality results every time. What's more, his ability to match his own voice from previous sessions is remarkable."

Steve Godfrey, Producer